Dinosaur Themed Home Improvements

Dinosaurs have long been a source of delight for children, inspiring an endless amount of excitement in any room they grace. But these whimsical creatures also serve a more subtle decorative purpose.

Home improvements that incorporate prehistoric fun can make for stylish home upgrades. Experts from Chicago’s Field Museum and Atlanta’s Fernbank Museum provide tips for responsibly decorating children with dinosaurs.

High-Quality Replicas and Displays

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Dinosaurs continue to fascinate both children and adults. From the discovery of a dinosaur mummy preserved with skin and guts in tact to Jurassic World: Fallen Kingdom’s latest release, these prehistoric beasts remain an ongoing fascination. You can bring a piece of prehistory home by adding one dinosaur-themed room with a dinosaur skeleton from mydinosaurs.com.

Create a stunning focal wall using a dinosaur mural or wallpaper, then decorate the rest of the room with dinosaur-themed decor such as volcanoes, mountains and Stegosaurus, Triceratops and Tyrannosaurus replicas to complete your prehistoric oasis.

If you prefer something subtler, opt for a geometric board-and-batten accent wall instead of going all-out with dinosaur murals and decals. That way, should your child change his mind later about having another dinosaur theme on his walls, it won’t be so difficult to switch out the wall coverings.

For high-quality dinosaur-related items for your home, turn to Glen at PaleoScene; they offer museum-grade replicas crafted from actual fossil specimens. Their selection includes dinosaur tracks casts, replica raptor models and replica prehistoric animal replicas in various sizes (plus real fossil track fragments in bulk for creating your own simulated fossil dig exhibit), or try Dinosaur Resin Replica statues for more sculptural displays.

Statement Pieces

Dinosaurs captivate visitors to museums such as Chicago’s Field Museum or Atlanta’s Fernbank Museum of Natural History, but you can bring that same feeling of discovery home with you by carefully and respectfully decorating with dinosaurs and fossils (if legally acquired and displayed). Experts advise using only appropriate display cases when decorating with dinosaurs and fossils (to protect their value for future generations).

Amanda Rademacher of Fox Den Designs in Arizona suggests a dino-themed room can be beneficial to people of any age, from an infant’s nursery to inspiring older children with dino bedrooms. Even grown-ups can join in the fun by adding decorative elements that evoke its kitschy cool; for instance, string art dinosaur silhouettes framed above a bed in this Los Angeles guest room provide just such an example.

An affordable way to add dinosaur flair without going overboard is with bold items, like this bright green Triceratops planter which adds a pop of color to a Boston dining table’s air plant centerpiece.

An unexpected accent such as this Tyrannosaurus Rex toilet paper holder from Portland apartment bathrooms. Easy installation requires no drilling – an affordable way for kids and their dinosaur toys alike to help complete this transformation project!


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Dinosaurs have an uncanny way of captivating children’s imaginations and sparking their curiosity, making them the subject of many room themes ranging from baby nurseries to older children’s bedrooms. When combined with appropriate decorations, dinosaurs can provide lasting decor inspiration!

Dino-themed artwork can bring the same sense of wonder that museum visits do. Whether using dinosaur wallpaper or painting murals, children are sure to love these designs. Or add some dinosaur flair with simple prints like dinosaur skeleton prints – printed on thick paper with black edges for an ultra-modern touch and no frame required!

For an adult take on dinosaurs, try playing with metallics such as the gold dino busts found in this Boston dining table air plant centerpiece. Their designs more closely resemble sculpture than cartoons, adding sophistication to this display.

Make their dino toys decorative pieces for their rooms with just a few DIY projects! Hang their favorite stuffed dinosaur from their dresser as a display piece or create an interactive shelf to store and showcase all their favorites – adding an adorable plush Triceratops next to their alarm clock is also sure to turn every morning into a thrilling Jurassic adventure!

Kids love sharing what they’re passionate about with others, so why not give them their very own dinosaur to keep in their home? Personalized dinosaurs make an adorable present idea for any child from newborn to six years old and feature their name along with one of their chosen dinosaurs – these personalized keepsakes will become prized keepsakes over time!

Home Accents

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Home decor items featuring dinosaur motifs can add an elegant and subtle prehistoric accent to your living space. Throw pillows, blankets and area rugs adorned with tasteful dinosaur patterns serve as focal points that draw the eye of guests while remaining subtle; neutral colors and refined designs allow these accents to fit seamlessly into the aesthetic of the room rather than overpower it.

Themes such as dinosaurs can spark children of all ages’ imaginations, from captivating infants to captivating teenagers and beyond. Arizona interior designer Amanda Rademacher told Houzz that dinosaurs may seem limited to younger kids’ rooms; however, they can actually be integrated into any room to spark learning and creativity for any age.

Her clients regularly request dino-themed rooms such as bedrooms and baths from her; from infants up to adults alike she finds this style works beautifully for everyone!

Although incorporating dinosaur decor can be challenging with contemporary design elements, there are creative solutions. Use subtle accents and ambient lighting to transform your space into an awesome Jurassic environment – this will not only captivate children but adults too as these quirky decorations capture the enduring fascination with Mesozoic era dinosaurs!

Dinosaur-themed lamps and table lights shaped like raptors, pteranodons, or T-rexes provide your living space with an unexpected pop of prehistoric intrigue. Pendant lights shaped as T-rexes can become the center of attention in their own right – adding visual intrigue that sets it apart from all your neighbors’ living rooms.

You can unleash your creative side through DIY projects to transform plain furniture into dinosaur masterpieces; these fun yet rewarding DIY endeavors provide the chance to express your passion for paleontology while making sure that your Jurassic home remains unique to yourself and just you alone.

Dinosaur Garden

Dinosaurs may no longer roam the Earth, but their legacy lives on in your children’s imaginations with a dinosaur garden. Planting one can help your kids explore nature while engaging their minds through creative play and helping to promote fitness outdoors.

Your dinosaur garden should reflect those that existed during its period, which, fortunately, offers many options for plants that will work. Many modern garden plants trace back to the prehistoric era such as bamboo and ferns – perfect choices because of their easy growth and primitive look!

For added dinosaur charm, consider including ginkgo biloba trees in your garden; these memory-enhancing trees boast some of the oldest known plant fossils as well as fan-shaped leaves reminiscent of dinosaur leaves!

Your garden should include some prehistoric plant species for maximum impact, too. Metasequoia or dawn redwood trees feature broad fluted trunks with primordial-style bark; their fast growth makes them great additions if space is at a premium and/or miniature versions fit nicely in containers.

While plants form the core of any dinosaur garden, numerous additional creative additions can make it even more interactive. A sand pit can make dinosaur play more engaging; you could even use it to plant some ryegrass seeds! Kids will love learning how to grow food for themselves while having fun playing with their dinosaurs!

Are you searching for an excellent spot to take the kids and witness some incredible dinosaur gardens in action? Visit Lasdon Park & Arboretum in Westchester. This beautiful outdoor space boasts beautiful flowers, walking paths, nature museum exhibits and even its very own dinosaur garden!