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Shopecology Series: Radial Arm Saw

July. 29. 2015

Here goes! The first machine feature in our Shopecology Series; the Radial Arm Saw. Last week we introduced the life cycle of each product and the 8 different phases they flow through on their way to leaving our shop and venturing out into the world. We have some wonderful machines that make it all possible, and to make it possible for us to give back as we receive...

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Mt. Sorpis

July. 27. 2015

We are so grateful for the presence of this massive and sacred mountain. Mount Sorpis looms over us, remaining constant in the ever changing and evolving of our town of Carbondale. It becomes part of the experience of life here.

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David Rasmussen design is committed to providing the highest quality custom furniture to meet our client’s modern design needs. Highly trained professionals handcraft each piece using time-honored techniques. Our goal is to give our customers something that they can’t get anywhere else-exceptional design coupled with construction that is built to last.

Raised and educated in New England, David was exposed to the Northeast’s rich culture of fine furniture making from a young age. Trained by furniture masters Wayne Marcoux and Dan Mosheim, David learned about composition and construction techniques. Danish, Ming Dynasty, and contemporary American studio furniture where the focus of David’s studies in furniture as he progressed in his career.

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